A Serial Social Entrepreneur living in Afghanistan while bringing change globally!

A cross border Mentor, Impact Investor, Motivational and Business Writer, and spiritual human.

He runs his dream company BrightPoint Consulting Services through which he contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Afghanistan through his involvement in the national and international initiatives.

Rahmaty advises and guides the British Afghan Chamber of Commerce on important areas such as startup incubation, startup acceleration, venture capital, FinTech, co-working spaces and research into the role of entrepreneurship in rebuilding a prosperous Afghanistan.

He is Co-Founder at impACT(impact.aghaez.com), Founder at Tamveel (www.tamveel.com), Managing Partner at Coworthy (coworthy.com), Country Director at Founder Institute(fi.co) and, Program lead at CIVIC (civic.co).

As part of his social and cultural activities, he is Global Shaper at World Economic Forum.

Rahmaty received recently the award “Startup Visionary Award:2018 Diversity Champion” for helping to make tech entrepreneurship more accessible to the women.