How we work

impACT’s methodology for startup success is the Power Triangle Model®. It facilitates collaborative and social innovation on the micro, meso and macro levels of the global social startup ecosystem through the exchange of networks, resources and knowledge.

The three elements that make up the Power Triangle Model ® are taught in a course on power structures at Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany and also define the success of startups and making an impACT, as addressed in the book “Im Startup die Welt gestalten” (Startups impacting the world). In this book, international entrepreneurs and global investors from various contexts were interviewed. It became clear that the success of entrepreneurs in South Africa, Afghanistan, the US or other parts of the world is determined by the same factors of success.


There are various types of event formats in order to engage the impACT communities in the cities we are present in. Each of the events has different objectives. impACT Chat highlights the journey of an entrepreneur that has a recognizable impact in their society and also calls for very concrete action.

impACT Pop-Ups are ecosystem events. Usually, we start launching new impACT chapters with a Pop-Up. impACT International is the format that brings together different ecosystems. So far we held one impACT International in Berlin and another one in Islamabad.


impACT is present in some of the most challenging environments in the world. There is little information available in terms of the challenges and opportunities that exist on the ground. Further, to understand the dynamics of the various stakeholders on the ground it takes very localized knowledge and understanding. We have very strong and dedicated teams in all of the cities we operate in. Therefore, we are able to gather a wealth of data and work with universities internationally in order to analyse and review our findings.


Skills development is a fundamental activity very close to impACT’s mission. impACT is a consortium of social  impact enterprises from the various cities that our chapters are located at. The training that we offer is there to support the personal and professional understanding of startups all around the world. There is no one size fits all. This is why we highlight that trainers and mentors from different parts of the world are a tremendous added value. The training that we offer can target preschoolers, youth in general, female entrepreneurs or migrant entrepreneurs.


Only if entrepreneurs work in a conducive environment can they fulfil their highest potential. As impACT was born in one of the most challenging environments in the world – in Afghanistan – we place very much emphasis on working alongside policymakers in order to raise the voice of entrepreneurs that work for a sustainable impact in society, so that they get a seat at the table and that their needs are taken into consideration at the policy level. We work closely with the OECD in Central Asia as well as the MENA region.

Join the global conversation on entrepreneurship impacting the world in sustainable ways.